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I really wanna blog…

Posted on: April 26, 2010

I really wanna blog.  I once wanted to cha cha and I learned how to do that.  Driving seemed like a fun activity, and although my husband would disagree – I think I’ve mastered it.  I’ve also learned:

* How to move cross country by myself

* How to get married at 55

* How to get into my Spanx

* How to avoid doing laundry for long periods of time…

All memorable efforts…but I can’t freakin’ figure out how to set up this stupid blog thing.  I’ve taken 131 seminars on blogging, 12 on SuperBlogging and several on setting up my blog…Crap!  I’m just gonna write this thing and see what happens.  And I’m gonna blog to music…tonight it’s “Wake Up Everybody” by Harold and The Bluenotes…

9 Responses to "I really wanna blog…"

Hi Linda,

You did it!! Hooray!! Only, I don’t see your name on the blog yet. Maybe too early.
I will subscribe to your new blog!!!!

Carol :C)

Yup! My technician and supporter is doing all the extras…I’m just here to share giggles with some freakin’ fabulous women……..thank you…I’m even thinking of thanking Wanda!!! xoxox

You did it…and posted on a Monday morning. You are my superwoman. 🙂

yahoo…keep goin’ I want to read more and more and more and more….and… DO you get in Spanx anyway? I can only tell you a shoehorn is sitting next to mine! ; P

i love you.
i f**king love you.
harold melvin.
the blue notes.
wake-up everybody is right.


Yay!!! A new blog to add to my list of favorites!
I’m so glad you confronted the Spanx controversy. I thought I was the only one….It’s like putting on a freekin’ wetsuit.

🙂 Of the many folks I’ve encouraged to get their blog going this past year, you are the FIRST to actually get hers up! CONGRATULATIONS! See? It’s not as hard as you thought. And now you’ve got a place where YOU can publish, connect and grow. Great feeling isn’t it?


I know we will love it and want MORE!!

I was good for a while on my personal blog – Regular, regular. But just went almost a month without posting.

My wife asking have you blogged?

My mother wanting to know – No stories lately about me?

Just did a new post – violated a cardinal rule though. Talked about my wife without reviewing content first – Pray For me!

I am getting the gist of this Blogging thing. Seems cool, but I don’t have the time to sit one more minute in front of a computer. However, I do enjoy reading all the comments. Linda you rock. Carry on my love! Keep on keeping on!

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