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Panties In The Toilet Day

Posted on: May 3, 2010

When a real Panties In The Toilet Day arrives…you know it either the instant just before or after your eyelids part to welcome the day.  It’s Murphy’s Law…almost anything you try to accomplish will go wrong.  Signs to look for:

1. The alarm doesn’t go off 

2. You wake up in someone else’s bed and he/she is a bedwetter

3. You wake up with a stranger next to you though you’d gone to sleep alone and he/she is a bedwetter

4. The Krups coffee-maker passes away

5. Your toothbrush falls on the “I should have cleaned that yesterday” bathroom floor

6. Carpal tunnel makes it impossible to hook up your bra

7. Donna Summer is singing “Last Dance” on the radio and it’s 2010

8. You neglected to replace the washcloth, shower gel or soap, the shower’s on and now you have to walk across that “bathroom floor” to get your stuff

9. Your next door neighbor calls hysterically crying her boyfriend beat her again and she needs a ride to the hospital before you leave for work…


10.  You’re out of the shower reaching over to retrieve your last clean pair of undies hanging on the doorknob…and SWISH the undergarment, protector of the “thang” or “thangs” quickly descends into the toilet.

What signs tip you off to a PITD?


1 Response to "Panties In The Toilet Day"

Oh so funny-PERFCT for a Monday morning-perfect for any morning in this house.

His toothbrush is your floor…..oops Plop! into the trash!
Today I would have needed a blow torch to attack that toothbrush.. and to think @50 still no cavities…. go figure!!

Loving the carpal tunnel bra connection….can relate no carpal tunnel here just amble connection requirements needed.

Linda you so inspire me!!!! thank you, thank you. xoxo

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