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Posted on: May 4, 2010

Did I read postings by FBffs questioning their overall self-assesments?  Don’t expect perfection?  Au contraire mes amies…  Accept that YOU ARE PERFECTION…FOR TODAY! 

Just say “I am absolutely perfect for today doing the best I can do and move on…if someone suggests that perfection eludes you…let them know with a confident smile…or perhaps an action…for instance:

While doing my laundry in the Santa Monica laundromat where I met the Robster (sitting at the dock of Santa Monica Bay, letting the tide roll away…”  Oh get ’em Otis Redding) I counted 4 buses driving east on Santa Monica Blvd. bearing enormous ads…1-800-GET THIN!  1-800-GET THIN!  on and on…far from the subliminal messages of the 60s…I’m starting to read…1-800-YOU-BLIMP, 1-800-DON’T-EAT, 1-800-IMP-ERFECT, 1-800-SO-UGLY. 

So for today, I’m renting a bus, driving it East to West, West to East, with a pic of me holding hands with that gorgeous LANE BRYANT model and a phone number…1-800-FUCK-YOU…1-800-FUCK-YOU!Cause we’re all beautiful! Inside & out!

I’m just sayin’



[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Santa Monica Dude. Santa Monica Dude said: I AM ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, TODAY!: Did I read postings by FBffs questioning their overall self-assesments? Don’t exp… […]

LOL..oh GAWD! Ill go in halvesies with you!!!! I havent met a man yet that said he liked the skeleton where is that coming from? Since when and why do women strive to be thin? What happened to Healthy? Joyous? Enlightened? and the all time favorite ..Sexy?
Where are the 1-800- BEHAPPY buses? 1-800-LOVEYOURSELF billboards ? and the
Im all over looking good..and being healthy..but THIN is not what I want…never wanted to be “thin” for “thins” sake. My mom is an a retirement home..alot of women are thin…bone thin. Of course alot of them have no muscle , and broken and replaced hips..but by golly they are THIN!
Lets be real. Thin seems to appeal to no one. Thin is what? I see the pix of hollywood women and some of them have gone from looking model-esque to skin and bone-esque…and take pride in wearing the same size as an 11 yr old boy. I just dont get it?
I have curves..I like them…but I also grew up in a generation of curvy women role models..Sophia Loren, Marilyn …Raquel…
Healthy women who could never ever be mistaken for an 11 year old boy. So curves feel right for me. I do exercise. I watch what I eat and I instinctively know when its time to be diligent…but my goal is not is healthy, vibrant and energetic!!

fucking brilliant.
oh my god. brilliant.
so brilliant.
and wow.

laugh out loud perfect.

I am perfect, too. Isn’t time women started feeling good about themselves, no matter the size, age, finances, whatever? Thanks for bringing these important issues out for discussion, in a way that makes us laugh! You’re perfect!!!

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