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Mom Loved My Bowels*

Posted on: May 6, 2010

The only person who could comfort me over the loss of my Mom was the Mother hen herself.  Her brilliant approach to assuaging any sadness was to avoid talking about it, tell me “Keep your chin up” offer me cookies.  Who can I now depend on to love me more than anything…to be the keeper of all subjects personal?  I told Mom almost everything  either out of guilt or the lack of anything else to talk about during our daily phone calls. Who else was that interested in my bowel movements?
“Oh Ma, I wish I hadn’t eaten that peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich for dinner. I had the runs all night.”
“Was it loose or firm?
“Kind of in-between. Kind of a loose firm, like soft tofu.”
“Are you still going?”
“Uh, no. It stopped about 5am.”
“What did you have for breakfast?”
“My usual, cereal with soy milk. I left out the banana.”
“No, the banana is good. It binds you. Eat a banana.”
“Mah…ah, I’m not hungry.”
“Is your stomach bothering you at all now?”
“No, actually I feel fine now.”
“Maybe you should rest. You do too much. And have a light dinner. Maybe just some cottage cheese over noodles with a little buttah, you know how I used to make for you.”
We had way more than one conversation about my bowels. I always knew bringing it up was a slam dunk to engage her in conversation and also it gave her the opportunity to play Mommy again. I have over-the-counter medications in my medicine cabinet that have never been opened; they were all highly recommended by Mom to cure a large variety of ills, ails and discomforts. Maybe I can submit them to a Mommy Museum.  How lucky I am that someone loved my bowels so much.

*Excerpt from “How I Buried My Mom…With The Umbilical Cord Still Attached. ” c.2009


1 Response to "Mom Loved My Bowels*"

My….. that was some conversation going on bowels, at first without my glasses I thought it said vowels,ha. Again with the cookies, funny. I do not have such a problem but I have seen cookies in the health food store loaded with stool flowing ingredients. How wonderful you were to allow your Mom to Dr. you and keep the conversation going and then getting all the medications she prescribed. She needed that and obviously you needed something. THERE FOR EACH OTHER, I love it!! and I do understand because I have a Dad who talked about bowels, trash and recycling when he was in the hospital for two weeks at age 76 for the first time in his life. He was driving me nuts so I took pictures to show him. Thankfully you only had to verbally describe your bowels.
Linda I am loving these…….thank you thank you for writing…..xo

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