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OLFACTORY TERRORISTS/or the over-perfumed

Posted on: May 12, 2010

I am rather concerned about the environment, especially the immediate space that directly intersects with mine.  I have a very sensitive nose which cannot bear overstimulation by gallons of perfumes. 

So…am I alone here?  Do you ever wonder what possesses people to splash or spray themselves with enormous amounts of whiffery so that they actually become Olfactory Terrorists? 

Investigation suggests low self-esteem, perhaps fear that their natural body odors are so putrid that people will shun them?  For others, it might be a cover up of a shower skip?  The fact that he/she hasn’t made it to a washing machine in way too long and knows their clothes are way too smelly, dank, fettered with smells that the garment can actually speak.  Listen sometime…”I’m reeking of spilled broccoli” or “Boo hoo – I haven’t touched soap suds in two years.”  Some messages are as bold as “Get away, stay away..I’m unlovable, untouchable, don’t trust my space…or in some instances…RUN. 

I’m telling you ‘smell tsunamis’ are invading us daily and we’re too busy focused on other issues like food, jobs, war.  Can’t people limit themselves to say – one or two sprays a day?  Okay, for special occasions  go for three quick spritzes, but GET conscious people because you just may be an offender.


12 Responses to "OLFACTORY TERRORISTS/or the over-perfumed"

Funny yet so sadly true!

I dart away from those women in the malls walking around who want to spray all of this toxic stuff on you. I remember back in the 60’s they just sprayed!!! Now, thankfully, while aiming straight at you they at least ask before they shoot.

OMG!! I am so guilty of this!!! My guilty pleasure….”Beautiful” by Estee Lauder…Ive had a few small children faint as I walked by and more than one dog try to pee on me. I guess Im a bit heavy handed with the stuff..(sigh)….

OMG, I am guilty of the same thing as you Melody…”Beautiful”. I have been addicted to that since it first was released. I think I smell good though, since several men and women always say..”you smell so good”. Even complete strangers comment…I wonder if they are saying that because I overdose…I would be heartbroken if that is true. {{{shocked}}}

I used to be a “Beautiful” girl…before that “Pleasures” and for the last couple of years, I’m “Beyond Paradise” …haaah! I love it all in moderation. Estee Lauder frangrances tend to be lighter…except for “Youth Dew” which I did use and sometimes knocked myself out!

Nothing annoys me like when, after hugging someone, their aroma remains with me and on me and my clothing for the next week. Disgusting…..especially when the scent offends. Even when I approve of the scent…….I don’t want it on me. I guess I’m now in a place where I think it’s actually rude to wear scents when you’re in a public place. I do have a sensitive nose, but really folks. As a teenager, I wore Shalimar. It was so yummy. For many years, during my twenties and thirties, I wore an oil that I liked very much. Not long ago, I found an old bottle of it at home, and the urge hit me to apply just a dot, no kidding, a dot to my neck. Later that day, I found myself in a crowded movie theater, and the woman next to me either had a tic of some kind, or the scent I was wearing was really flipping her out. I’m sure it was the latter and I was so paranoid, and trying so hard to cover myself up, that I really didn’t dig the movie. It was “Up in the Air.” I keep thinking I should see it again, and then decide.
My good friend has asthma and cannot tolerate most smells. Since knowing her, I have refrained from “shpritzing.” I wish my other girlfriend would do the same. Nobody wants to sit next to her. Yuk.

Arlene…tell me what you really think…you’ve started your own blog…who knew???

I’m still trying to figure my way around this blog thing…so I don’t know if you got my return message to your comment…I was laughing because I was remembering someone from the Sat.. morning meeting and then one other person in particular who I would run from because of their fragrance…finally I told the sat. morn. girl that I couldn’t handle fragrance and she left me alone after that…anyway I commented that your fragrance rant could be the start of your very own blog!!!

Hey Arlene;
Linda is right. Start your own blog on Scents of the World. Hey cool, I’d be interested!!!
Do we get Finder’s Fees/Commissions (?) for finding you a new gig???

I used to work with a woman who overdoused herself daily. Although our office was in the corner of the 3rd floor, I knew every morning if she’d gotten to work ahead of me by the layers of perfume in the air. Bad start to the day….

Well, sorry all you folks, I love perfumes. Been the Beautiful, Youth Dew, Shalimar route. Since I am fickle, I am now into J Lo’s Glo. I think that it is incredible! Besides that, it’s one that “stays” with me. Was into Bal a Versailles a very long time ago. Expensive!!! I respect the fact that some people are allergic to perfumes, so wouldn’t want to offend anyone, but what am I to do if I like to spritz????????

Sorry, I haven’t been back since saying my piece. Isn’t that just like me!! Thanks for reminding me, Linda. Valerie, I love what you said about “stays” with you. Actually, allergic types would no doubt prefer that the scent literally “stayed with you.” That was just a joke I couldn’t resist. Nothing personal. That would be cool though……like the colorfast lipstick that stays on you……if the “shpritzer” as opposed to the “shpritzee” was the only one who received the benefit of what they think is a delectable fragrance.
It is the over-dousing that is the offender…..when your fragrance lingers and lingers and lingers long after you’ve left the building.

Oops, I hope that my scent doesn’t linger and linger after I’ve left the scene. I have actually been in some places where I’d rather no one knew that I was ever there, if you know what I mean. Goodness, maybe I have to rethink this spritzing habit!
Alright, let’s talk about the good men “smells”, and I emphasize good. Don’t you just love how some guys smell??? Looking back, I guess that if I put both my ex husbands together, I’d be able to identify them! Yikes! They did have their own natural “smell”.
Maybe we could talk about the toxic smell of that oil leaking out of BP’s catastrophic hole in the ocean. As I type, the news is that it’s 10 miles from the beaches in Florida’s pan handle. Heaven help us. That’s all she wrote folks!

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