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I Love Being A Lesbian

Posted on: May 16, 2010


The size of her ass around the thong?  Her cup size?  How much cellulite is packed on her thighs?  Who gives a crap about these things?  Not a fabulous woman.  And there’s nothing like a magnificnet woman to make another one feel worthwhile, creative, invigorated and loved!

Yes, I’m an emotional lesbian and proud of it.  Men!  Goddess love ‘em; they’re my first and last choice in the sack.  But women…well, we’re something very special.  You see women can go really deep…much deeper inside themselves and each other than most men.  And I’m not talking battery-operated zucchini.  Go ahead…ask Eve.  Why’d she bite into the apple? “Hmmm… If it tastes better than those damn fig leaves I’ll find a way to create more.  Maybe there’s a seed in here somewhere.”  Yeah, we go way deep.

You want to see a man fold?  No gun needed, Jack Bauer.  Pitch the four words, you know them; he knows them, “We need to talk.”  Men drop down to their knees, their ankles…their toes, praying for forgiveness…anything to avoid a conversation. 

Now the very same to almost any woman, “We need to talk!”  It’s better than Christmas.  Her eyes light up, she drops her chocolate bar and her three month old infant.  Talk?  Did you say talk?  We are talkers…we are so freakin’ happy when we are jawing and feeling and emoting and tapping into memories and sharing and getting to know each other…no holes barred…Nada! 

We are so spectacular!  And the more women I meet, the more love I feel…as they push me to a higher self while our mouths keep moving.


5 Responses to "I Love Being A Lesbian"

My jaw was almost better from my loss of wisdom last week but I am laughing so hard and visually seeing those wind up teeth from years ago clacking away I see them all clacking and moving about and I see faces and I am not going to get myself into trouble by naming you all you know who you are…. and Linda my dear friend you got it right. Women love to talk, Women love to listen, Women love to be happy… Women love Women….now for a margarita and some chocolate.
But I have to say Jack Bauer,,, NICE!

Well, Linda, you got my attention. First reaction was, my God, what, what, she just came out of the closet!!! When, I came back to reality, I know that you are no lesbian. Having said all of this, you are right on in your comments. You go girl! Why do we have to have so many labels? I never seem to hear anyone say, “My goodness, she is a heterosesexual!” Therefore, why make the statement, “My goodness, she is a lesbian!” Why should anyone’s sexual orientation be of concern to anyone else????

Hi Linda,
Loved this post and it got me in touch with my Lesbian side too. You’re a hoot!

Hi Jane…thanks for your comment…I thought it put “homosexuality” into perspective. Come back and check out my next post…”Broken-Hearted Melodies” although I might change the title…my “first time” with a Jamaican gigolo!

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