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Posted on: May 21, 2010

“Look up!”…“Keep your chin up.”…“Look on the bright side!”  All suggestions offered when challenges are poking me in the nose.   Fleshy arrows point skyward for clearance of my mental palate.  So…here I go:

I’m flying high over Santa Monica on a very overcast day.  Whoa!  Just slammed into three intersecting clouds…tee…hee…hee…they tickle.  Kinda feels like accidentally getting into a cold shower on a humid day…so it has a cooling effect.  More cotton balls are floating my wayalong with dust packages…so I’ll just navigate east…aagh!  Got hit again.  All right, come and find me cloudy faces…cause I’m heading toward sunshine

It’s so free up here…no constrictions or restrictions…I’m pure…like I haven’t incurred any demerits yet…a clean slate.  But…I also don’t have any friends up here…can’t get a cell phone signal to call and torture my husband.  Up here I don’t have a husband…a nice break, but I’m gonna miss his hugs and kisses.  Although I no longer have to worry about owning a Toyota, traffic, road ragers, running out of clean underwear, scrubbing my bathroom sink or tub.  I don’t need a haircut up here …whooo…hooo…I’m never satisfied with the cut anyway.  Hell, I don’t even have to comb my hair, paint my lips, tweeze my eyebrows…yuch…my nose is running and there are no tissues up here…grateful for the absorbency of a cotton blouse…though the 5% spandex is not a plus.   Yikes, no provisions for body functions…oh crap!  Maybe I won’t have body functions.  Mostly I’m wishing I could share the experience as it’s happening.  Maybe post it on Facebook.  I don’t get much of a life up here so I’ll have to depend on the lives of others for entertainment.

Looking at the world down there.  I see an elderly lady gently cutting beautiful yellow roses from her garden then smelling them.  There’s a young mom wheeling her apparent twins in a stroller at a Malibu beach; she stops and gives each baby a bottle.  It’s all lovely from up here.

No!  Two boys are holding up a convenience store east on Venice Blvd; one has a gun.  Now an ambulance is dashing north to Sunset & Bundy, a homeless guy was just badly beaten.  I guess I have to look further up – where everything is so tiny all I can see is puffy clouds and…and…a helicopter that’s flying toward me, circling me, telling me to get down.  No!  I’m staying…the clouds are starting to leak!  I’m being blown closer to the helicopter…I’m…crashing…falling quickly down. Ow!

It doesn’t hurt so much when I open my eyes…just love the comfort of down pillows.  I’m going to take this opportunity to scrub my bathroom sink…and call my husband.



Linda,,,,How emotional…A spiritual journey from above looking down= Love IT, like ‘Viewing Your Life’ Have you ever watch Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep in “Defending your Life” scared the shit out of me when I first saw it….because my mind always thought that WAS the way it played out. What scared me was that someone else had the same idea but I do not know who wrote it, maybe you!!
I had an out of body experience once. I will have to tell you about that one day. It lasted for a week and let me say it was the most peaceful, calm, weightless, floating experience and as much as you might miss you Mom…trust me she is at peace, loving it and watching over you.
….at first I thought I was having a stroke. I will share with you one day.
Maybe that can be my first blog.
I told you….I have so many stories and all are true but I just do not know where to start……maybe I should put a few topics on paper and just pick one…..
FYI: you are not the only one who freaks from a haircut!! Ha

what is with the bathroom sink…..always scrubbing the bathroom sink.
read my review from a few blogs back_I cannot remember the title.
you are brilliant. I love it. love you. Love having a sister…..xoxo

Hey Linda;
Got a chance to read a bunch of stuff on your Blog tonight. Everything is fabulous. Keep up the good work. Your passion is writing and your work “glows”. Keep on, keeping on!
Love Ya. Be well and happy.
Guess Who? Give up? Shucks, it’s just me. Valerie

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