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Posted on: May 22, 2010

I thought my life was over, again, at age eleven.  It was Sunday evening at the Lichtman household on 169th Street in Flushing, Queens and all wasn’t well.  Dad announced the family was going to the movies to see “Moby Dick.”  Mom was thrilled cause she lovvvved Gregory Peck.  Lil Mitch was grateful to be included in a grown up activity…but 11 year old me was shrieking:  “I’m not going!  Elvis is going to be on Ed Sullivan and Elvis is my life!” I wanted to call dad a “Hound Dog” but preferred to remain among the living.

 “Stop worrying…we’ll be home in plenty o’ time.”  Dad was always in a hurry so he didn’t need to finish words.  I knew he didn’t have an affinity for my rock ‘n’ rolling crush…so I wasn’t even a little comforted.  But no one said “no” to Charlie…so we all got into Dad’s turquoise Chrysler and headed to the Parsons Theatre about four miles away.

–          “Call me Ishmael.”  Already I’m feeling sorry for the guy, with that crappy name.

–          I grab mom’s hand to check the time.

–          The once handsome Gregory Peck is covered with more facial fuzz than a Chia pet.

–          Greg is hopping around the ship because a white whale ate his leg…creepy.

–          Check mom’s watch again…when doesn’t this silly movie end already?  Will someone either kill the whale or Captain Ahab?

–          They see Moby, then they don’t see Mob…Moby’s playing “hide ‘n’ seek”…but they have a plan.

–          Mom’s watch is reading danger…I’m gonna miss the man who would be King.

–          I grab Mom’s ear and whisper panic sounds, threatening tears and chaos.

Mom flipped both dad and Ishmael the bird…not that bird…sort of a canary…grabbed our coats and led me on a four mile marathon back to 169th street.  I could barely breathe; my 11 year old legs were in such pain I almost gave up.  But Mom wouldn’t let me…”You want to see Elvis?”  So we kept running and rushing, darting up the boulevard, crossing the street, a right, a left and then on our block…speeding forward up the steps to their bedroom…then mom pulled the TV power button.  “And now…on our stage…for the very first time…”  A pre-teen in heaven.   Heaven was such a short trip in those days. 

 *Excerpt from “How I Buried My Mom…Still Attached To The Umbilical Cord”


3 Responses to "ELVIS vs. MOBY DICK*"

I love your blog. Very funny!
For me it was the Beatles, but my parents never took us to the movies on a Sunday night. I never realized before how fortuitous that was.

Great Blog. How adorable that you and your Mom ran in the rain all the way home….what a precious moment to remember…You are so lucky to have that wonderful memory. We never went to the movies. The first movie I remember going to was The Sound of Music and we had to take the bus because my Mom did not drive…which is reminding me of always running for buses, we were always late or they were always early(another story). She loved that movie so much I still scream today when I see or hear those kids in the alps singing with J Andrews, ha. We had one TV it was in the living room, which is a room that has disappeared in peoples homes for they became recreation rooms, great rooms, common rooms, whatever….my Mom’s Grandparents lived with us(which was the best) but my Grandfather controlled the TV set and there was no remote it was B/W with big silver ears(antennas) but on Sunday it belonged to my Grandmother and we would watch Ed Sullivan and my Grandfather would curse at this show(he was a Raw Hide/Gun Smoke or Saturday Night Boxing Man) so…
When the Beatles came on it was as you and only you could not have said it better in your blog. HEAVEN x4. Thanks for being a big sister…I am loving having you in my life….xoxo

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