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CHEAP DATE – close-up & personal

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Another commercial audition this afternoon. American Express was asking this short, chubby Jewish girl to be a rancher and to dress in “casual rancher” garb.  My agent suggested I could duplicate the outfit I’d worn in the submitted photo.  Truth is my present life doesn’t require much of a wardrobe so I still had the shirt.

I also re-created the pic’s hairdo by shaping my locks into two eggrolls, one on each side of my head.  Upon arrival I noticed there were no other women at the call but there were seven or eight middle-aged Asian men, none of whom had much hair.  After questioning, I was told not to worry, so I leaned back and enjoyed being the only female.

It was an interview audition where they ask a question and film your responses.  Those are my favorite because there’s no wrong answer.  I can come up with something funny and then leave. 

Afterward, I got into my car and tallied my audition vs. booking ratio and  winced when reminded of my low stats.  As I comforted myself, I randomly poked my radio and caught Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You” which gave me a ping of sadness…that voice…that melodious ‘any note goes’ voice appears to be gone.  Her crappy choices over the last ten or twenty years have taken its toll.

Suddenly it was all about me.  I became Whitney with a faltering career and began questioning some of my choices.  Maybe I should have stayed in New York; maybe I should have stayed single and devoted more time to my career; maybe I should have remained on the radio; maybe I should just…turn off the radio. 

That’s when I remembered I was a writing drama queen who could go home and spin words on my laptop.  I can continue writing my memoir, post random blogs and generate laughter and thought although never perfectly.  That’s also when I remembered my sweetheart Rob who I met in LA, would be waiting for me when I got home.  And after we quibbled over whose turn it was to either make or pick up dinner,  we could have a glorious evening  Wonderful friends, both virtual and in the flesh.  And of course, my NY Yankees who would be waiting for me on my DVR after we made up…what a glorious life!!!  Especially because I always believed…that “crack is whack!”


4 Responses to "CHEAP DATE – close-up & personal"

I am clothing challenged to begin with yet the visual of your hair, and clothes just got me laughing but that turned into sad feelings and the radio each morning because I love to listen to Rob Moorehead on WNNJ and wish I heard some of your radio shows. But you are a master at writing and own a laptop, that is all you need. You have Rob and the Yankees waiting each night maybe you need a Mojo too, ha.
Thankfully Rob’s station does not play Whitney Houston! xoxo

Crack IS whack…but You are Great!!!

Hey Linda;

Your description of rolling up your hair on the sides of your head brought back fond memories of one of my “growing up” hairstyles. I had very long hair when I was growing up and I thought that it was so cool to have my hair parted down the middle, two long pigtails that were braided around and around into a kind of flattened pie shaped coil.
May all your auditions be knock their socks off, drop dead successful. Does “drop dead” fit in there??? You know what I mean – wonderful!

Linda, I woke up today with egg rolled hair and thought of you my dear, sending hugs of love xoxo

Barbara Hannah Grufferman would run fast if she saw this head of curls. I know she wants a picture so much but Bums, Amy and I do think it is safer for all to not post such a head shot.

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