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Posted on: June 13, 2010

Last night at 7:14pm, I left my house carrying two bags of equal weight…one filled with anxiety…the other with excitement.    I was headed toward a dinner date with four Facebook  women I’ve known only through blogs and emails…direct and indirect over the last several months.  Virtually, there was an instant connection between us held together by the glue of creativity, an ability to love, take in and share.  We were coming together in physicality for the first time ever which could be wonderful…or not.  The destination was a popular restaurant.

Prepared for disaster…I brought a water bottle for security…figuring a blanket was too conspicuous.  I seated myself in wait for the four to arrive.  There was lots of action…a busy restaurant with people constantly coming and going which I found annoying and distracting… only magnifying my increasing anxiety level.  I noticed at one point my right hand was tremoring and had to decide between deep breathing or the local ER.  And then…and then I looked up…and saw a familiar and beautiful face, recognizable from her FB photo.  Female one, Amy Ferris who looked at me, smiled and kissed me on the lips.  Female two, Amy Friedman, who truthfully I had met at an event a few weeks before and was familiar with her heavenly face.  Another scrumptious looking, non-FB babe named Debbie, a friend of Amy One then joined us.  We all walked out onto the patio…and sighted two already seated and gorgeous Goddesses…female three MaxeeArtist and female four, Hollye Holmes Dexter, the youngest but not least experienced in Goddessness .  The evening began.

If I were a painter, this canvas would be splattered with colors of powder blue, green, yellow and pink.  There was laughter, shared intimacy, support, care, love, funniness, delight, personal essays, a solo show, more laughter, drinking, even more love…and eventually dinner.

I was wondering if anyone at The Cheesecake Factory found a brown bag of anxiety…apparently, I left it behind.


8 Responses to "THE GODDESS GARDEN"

Linda Most Brilliant!!!! I could feel the love!!!!!Amazing Just Amazing.
xoxo I am so Thrilled that the evening was such a success for you so deserve it.

And there’s gonna be more…with you right in the middle my beautiful baby sister…xoxoxox

Adorable. Catching up on your blogs…xoxo GiGi Lewis

Oh Linda- I’m sorry you ever felt a moment of trepidation. You were probably worried that we would smother you with hugs and overbearing love, which we did.
What a wonderful night!

I was terrified of all the smothering love and hugs…that you just might change your mind and stop……..yummy nites…loving sisters and brothers….xoxoxoxo

i love you so. what a grand woman you are.

And Amy Ferris…I love you so…right back…my inspiration! My girl crush!


That was leap of faith. What a beautiful story, meeting with loving and appreciative folks. Wish that I could have been there!
Just getting back to your Blog after indulging in self absorption!!! You have been busy. Love all of your stories. Keep ’em coming.


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