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Posted on: June 18, 2010

  1. During time outs, how does each player know he’s getting his own towel back
  2. W ith the game being so exciting, no one wants to leave their seats…so I’m wondering if things like hotdogs and nachos would go bad…
  3. Do they throw the soaking wet uniforms away? 
  4. What do Vanessa Bryant and Chloe Kardashian talk about at the after party?
  5. How many seconds after the game ends will they start hawking new Laker memoriabilia crap? 
  6. Speaking of LA Laker crap, who was the genius who designed the less than attractive championship hats?  Although black does make their heads look a little smaller – humility reigns.
  7. Will Big Baby Davis be invited to join the Celebrity Fit Club…or get a home visit from Gillian Michaels?
  8. Who designed those Celtic green sneakers?  Might the Celtics have been more successful had they not be forced to wear Elves’ shoes?
  9. Will Big Baby Davis be invited to Celebrity Fit Club?
  10. What will Kobe Bryant look like when he reaches Bill Russell’s age?
  11. Will there be anything left at the snack bar after the game?


Win of the night Linda and her Lakers!!!! Congrats
Caught last 25 min of game, I admit to being an old Celtics fan during the 70’s , but tonight I was out there routing for YOU LINDA!!

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