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Posted on: June 25, 2010


June 25th:  while the world is wiping tears, mourning last year’s deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, I am celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary.  I say I/my because my husband is sick and sleeping deeply under his cocoon of goose down feathers stuffed into a powder blue king-sized comforter cover.

So let’s evaluate this ten year marriage thing…


  • Rob is constantly leaving errant dirty dishes in the sink, on the stove…and misplaces items already having homes…like the cutting board
  • Replaces items so I can’t reach them…my whole wheat English Muffins are within his reach at 6’3” but I can’t even see them at 5’1.1”
  • Wasteful – he uses two (2) enormous Costco paper towels to wipe his nose
  • Trims his mustache/beard hairs in the hallway’s double mirror onto the carpet instead of in his bathroom three feet away
  • Noisy…this man needs the noise of fans on all the time; this wastes electricity, drives me crazy and forces me to wear ear plugs
  • Doesn’t like baseball…hates basketball
  • Will not watch any episodic TV, entertainment shows, Days of Our Lives…and although willing to watch Wolf, makes jokes about his Situation Room…doesn’t watch Rachel, will no longer watch Keith or Chris…and sometimes I see him sneaking over to Shepherd Smith
  • Constantly criticizes my driving…while I’m driving
  • Still smoking


  • Has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever looked into and the softest, sweetest lips that have ever touched mine
  • Doesn’t need a wife; willing to cook
  • Supports my artistic endeavors; loves my writing and performing
  • Takes good care of me when I’m sick or feeling navy blue
  • Listens sometimes when I suggest…”We need to talk!”
  • Loves sitting and watching the ocean with his arms around me;
  • Loves being loved
  • Is an exquisite artist and appreciates nature so much more than I do
  • Has my back in this world and let’s me know it on a daily basis

 At this rate…we might make it to eleven.


2 Responses to "“HERE COMES THE BRIDE…"

Loving this!!! You were meant for each other.

His Pro’s are just AWESOME and outnumber any of his Con’s.

Enjoy and Celebrate your 10th. Congrats.
Sending Hugs and xoxoxo


Don’t scare me like that. I began reading all the Cons and was getting depressed. I thought , “What happened to all that loving, understanding stuff that was there between you and Rob?” Then, I got to the Pros and my faith was restored. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Good gracious, it’s wee early in the AM here. Gotta go to sleep.
You all be well and happy. God bless on the 10 years. May you both have 120 more.



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