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Posted on: June 30, 2010

Two weeks ago I started writing a blog bragging about going to LA Traffic Court to fight a $345 parking ticket.  I had fabricated a little scenario which I believed would win my case. 

When I got to the Traffic Court Hearing, a very nice young man introduced himself and led me into a 4×4 office where I sat and shined “honesty.”  What I wasn’t expecting was:  (1) He’d press a button on a recording device, and (2) Would ask me to raise my right hand and swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth.  A flash of light whizzed through my brain briefly challenging the offering of my prepared response as I nodded a “yes” to the recording device.  I then heard, ”Please describe what happened.”

I had created a very good story.  I’m a writer and an actress; I have an experienced storytelling brain and a pair of lying lips.  And, at this point I believed my story.  The letter described why I was forced to park momentarily  in that illegal space… to avoid dire consequences.  I happen to have copies of prescriptions which were written two days before my transgression and could be related to colonic accidents.  It just all fit perfectly.  It was so dramatic, the young examiner might have teared up, but I stayed focused on my script.  As I said…it was a REALLY GOOD STORY.  I ended with “if YOU had been in my shoes you would have done the same.”

Less than a week later I received a communication from traffic court…I had proven my case and would be awarded the return of my $345.  Yesterday I received my check.  I have not deposited the money.

I enjoyed the time I spent while parked illegally…having coffee with my friend Cori…Yes I do feel the fine was excessive, but I don’t feel so good about being a big fat liar.  I’m just saying…winning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


3 Responses to "I’M A BIG FAT LIAR…"

Ah, the big price of small lies.

Yes…big price…but made my amend in public and get to use $ for donation…so…also…I haven’t called you because I’m having these stomach challenges…but will speak to you this week…linda

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