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Posted on: July 11, 2010

Some days I can’t do more than just go through the motions.  From the time I open my eyes to that moment the world goes dark…there’s a sense of nothingness.  I don’t register whether it was sunny or a cloudy overcast day.  Who am I kidding…I live in Santa Monica, CA…that’s a 98% chance of Full Monty sunshine!  But I’m not appreciative.

The next day is the same.  I call this anti-purple living…with purple being “glory and magnificence!”  I’m unconsciously moving “through it.”  The behavior is un-magnificent and un-glorious…yet there are times when I just have to retreat.  Don’t suggest I change it…that won’t work…and I’ll only get pissed off.  It’s like I’m re-charging.

And then, out of nowhere…uncalculated…one morning I wake up and notice there’s beautiful sunshine beaming through my bedroom windows and I’m happy to take it in and let it permeate my body and mind.  My morning shower feels great and I love the smell of my clean underwear.  I know today will be at least a lavender day.  I smile at people in supermarkets…over-tip an earnest server…almost hug the guy behind the fish counter…and they all know we’re sharing the minimum of purple if not more.  We’re counting ourselves “in life” and in each other’s lives.

By tomorrow I will be living purple again.  Look out…I can’t wait to hug you.


2 Responses to "LIVING PURPLE"

LOVE this blog, Linda!

So, does this make it 1 of 3 or 4??? : )

Oh, I think recharging is critical to living purple! It’s funny how when you’re recharging, you often feel like you will NEVER live purple again … and then you do. Wonderful.

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