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Posted on: July 20, 2010

JENNIFER ANISTON‘s semi-nude body flashed on my TV as I breezed by Showbiz Tonight on HLN.  A photo of this magnificent babe promoting her new fragrance caught both my eyes.  I immediately paused the image…all 60″ of her…not able to take my eyes off her incredible body for a second.  When my husband walked into the room I screamed, “LOOK!”  It’s a magnificent piece of sculpture…I want one.

I know Jen…you must work hard to maintain that beautiful body and on behalf of straight and unstraight women…I’m fist-bumping you baby…but I have one question…Jen…would you consider letting me borrow that body for just one day?  We’ll trade…you loan me that body for 24 hours…and I’ll let you have my quick wit and amazing imagination…you will be able to go anywhere and make people laugh on a dime!

Whattya think, Jen?  Just 24 hours…I want to stand in front of my mirror wearing your perfect flesh and touch myself…maybe it will encourage me to work harder at the gym…or eat more salads…I don’t even want to leave the mirror to show it off…I want me all to myself…I will however probably snap some pics and post them on my FB page.

Whattya say, Jen???



Honey, she’d KILL for your wonderful husband, children and your great life. Her body is some thing she WORKS at, but doesn’t enjoy. I cannot think of anything she’d rather have than what you have….beauty ALL around you!

Linda: You are a riot. Can alway make me smile:)
JA is ….wow

I would like to trade for her HAIR

What a great idea.
That woman doesn’t need to sell perfume. Just figure out the 24-hour body swap thing and she could make millions. I’d take the shape in black and white–I’d get a discount for that, right?

Just read your comment again…and chuckled again…see you Thursday…x

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