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Posted on: July 26, 2010

I finally learned avoiding TV shopping channels is an act of self-preservation…but only after the ill-fitting clothing…gaudy jewelry…hair chotchkies…non-miraculous youth creams…dulling shampoos, caking make-up, fragrances from hell…and barbaric slimming undergarments began taking up more closet and bureau space than my…drawers.

What irks me is the CALCULATED SALE…I’m unsuspectingly watching a NY Yankees home game on TV…every time a player is up at bat…which happens a minimum of 54 times per game… an enormous…vibrantly colored…larger than Sasquatch’s lips…billboard of a MACDONALD’S BIG MAC  reaches out for my mouth…my arteries…and of course…my wallet.  This distracting visual almost makes me forget how one bite of the over-processed burger makes me want to puke.  And…more importantly…the image detracts from the concentration on my beloved game.

There’s more.  My TV guilty pleasure…”Days of Our Lives” is now incorporating product placement.  Every few shows “they” slip in a mention of a specific snack food…”Let’s have a Hershey’s Bliss…they’re so delicious…” Back to the action…It’s hard to fast forward past eight words.  Do I really need to be reminded of chocolate…DO I?????

Fortunately I’m a woman of conviction…but…I…uh…need to call and cancel that clothing steamer I bought this afternoon…So I’m a mark!  Sue me!!!


3 Responses to "SELL! SELL! SELL!"

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I am laughing while I am reading but remembering your talk about magazine perfume ads and smelling them and rubbing them all over you. Now if Rob were to rub you in some warm chocolate that would be Bliss or just go to Hershey(I think it is about two hours from my house, ha!! They have chocolate spas).
I hate malls I hate buying something I have not had the pleasure of feeling up first. I bought a clothing steamer thinking I could use it on the drapes but just read the drape instructions and it said no steaming so now I am steamed!!!! Love ya Linda you can always make me smile:):) check your email love xoxo

But Linda,
Have you seen the swivel sweeper thing??? How can a person NOT want that? It makes me feel like my whole life would be better!
And don’t get me started on the Magic Bullet food chopper. My son Taylor and I watched that infomercial every time it was on, and of course…I bought him one for Christmas. He loved it more than anything, but after 4 months, it was a goner. RIP Magic Bullet.
I feel your pain Linda.

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