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Posted on: July 27, 2010

There are so many things to be ashamed of…

  • Stealing
  • Spreading gossip
  • Lying
  • Coveting thy neighbor’s wife…
  • Sticking bubble gum in someone’s glove compartment

I’ve stolen…lied… gossiped…and have made massive amends (Step 9 of 12)…but I still feel shame…

I FEEL SHAME FOR being sick!  I am embarrassed to tell people that I’m not in perfect health for today…that I have to rely on a doctor or doctors…that I find myself on the line at CVS again today.

I’m grateful it’s not cancer…but I am being sent to both a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist…

I had an EKG at my internist’s office today…so far that’s fine…but I feel so freakin’ ashamed that my body isn’t functioning perfectly…

I have put this info on my Facebook page and have gotten nothing but loving support.  I need to flush my SHAME down the toilet…but I feel a little ashamed of needing to use the toilet for anything…

This is STEP ONE in self-love…!


3 Responses to "SHAME!!!"

You are much loved.
Screw those Dr’s get a notebook and write down everything for a week.
Do not give it much thought do not make major diet changes because you will get false writings.
and be very aware of what type of pills you are taking–they love to hand out pills for one thing that causes 6 new symptoms.
If your blood work and EKG are good then I am emailing you late tonight after your seminar love go have fun:):) love you. here for you xoxo

Linda! I’m feeling you on this one. Hang in there. Yes the shame game sucks. The loving self care game touches and inspires others. You are touching and inspiring me this very moment. You are not alone. You deserve vibrant health and can manifest that with ease and self-care-filled- joy. Sometimes these things come up so we can do just that. Love ourselves. Sending lots of love and light. Esther

Aw, Linda. Shame is so terribly insidious, isn’t it?

With so many people facing so many health issues, I think you’ll find the more you speak about it, the more you will help and heal. No bathroom needed!

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