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Posted on: July 31, 2010

Fashion is not my friend.  I’ve never understood it…it’s never been important to me…maybe because my visuals are weak…I express myself with words and mental images…

Then why is “Project Runway” a permanent setting on my DVR?   The designs I most applaud are rarely the winners…but then again…not necessarily the week’s loser…my decisions are usually based on how likable the contestant is.

I love the frenzy of the contestants trying to put their sketches into execution…it always has the feeling of opening night in a theatre or club…I like when Tim Gunn stops by to assess and assist before they finish construction.  I actually like when someone is on the right path and he supports their ideas…and feel particularly bad for the designs that push his eyebrows above his glasses…but he’s giving them  some more time to straighten out.

After the designs are completed…I get excited the moment the models come prancing out on to the runway selling their fabric inventions…and love the expressions on the judges faces as they are evaluating and writing…never knowing …”Do they like it?  Are they using the responses to that particular design or was it “video-shopped?”  Then…OMG…next comes the judges’ verbal reactions … ”stunning…original…out of the box…fashion forward…I’d wear that dress in a minute…”  And then…”that was a mess…you made your model look thirty years older…the design had no imagination…that skirt should be flushed down the toilet…okay I made that last one up!”

During the evaluation…I sit glued to the TV chair in the bedroom…squeezing its arms in terror…translation here is that each model is wearing one of my stories….monologues…blogs or plays… I am them…they are me.  When they are battered…I am shamed…when they are praised…I walk proud…

Art…creation…design…represents the core of each individual…some are better than others.  The loser walks away holding up their tear-stained chins as they wave goodbye and for a second I leave with them…but then turn around because I always get to come back the following week.  Success/ Rejection…Life!!!

3 Responses to "PROJECTION RUNWAY"

I too am not a fashionista and watch this show. I just started last year. I love Tim Gunn-that’s why I watch. Some of the clothes are too much to take but I love the contestants faces when their clothes are critiqued. This is one of the very few reality shows I think is not as heavy scripted as some of the others like Hell’s Kitchen ( I am not a cook either). Thanks for your terrific blog this morning.

Never saw the show but know Tim Gunn and know that he would shoot me on site with the way I dress. Love to watch makeovers for face or body it is usually a miracle and I often wonder what I would look like if someone just grabbed me off the street and put me in one of those magic transformation boxes. My girlfriends kids brought me to Neiman Marcus for a makeover once. I looked in the mirror when done and looked of foreign descent-not that their is anything wrong with that!!
They, of course, loved it and thought I looked beautiful. Another Linda blog puts a smile on my face:):) xoxo

My daughter LIVES for this show! And I totally get the “projection” part. That’s why I can’t watch American Idol- never could. I’m too much of an empath. The rejection shots kill me!
Funny blog, linda-looooo.

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