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Posted on: August 2, 2010

I, Woman…him Rob, the hubby, with the brain of a scientist…He’s obsessed with global warming…electricity…quantum theories…atoms…relativity…energy…My mission here on earth is not to learn about science…ask any of my former science teachers…specifically Earth Science where I practically had to cry the professor an ocean to convince him to change my F to a D so I wouldn’t have to repeat the course…

I’m sensitive to life-altering events like the Gulf Coast pissing oil…caring toward anyone whose livelihood or living hood is disturbed by any force of nature or force of greed as in BP…but I’d rather walk on the lighter side…it’s where I feel buoyed enough so my head can skateboard through the humor universe…then share It with others…

 WHY VERSUS?  Since we met twelve years ago Rob has been attempting to initiate deep meaningful conversations about anything science-related…My usual response is to glaze over and tell him in a “not that loving way” to stick a sock in it because I’m bored…the same response he has to my baseball fanaticism…I can record baseball…but I can’t get him off the Science/Discovery/History Channels …and this interferes with our love life…

Finally…I found the answer….oh goddess thank you…it’s so  simple…I didn’t see it…Now…I invite him into the bedroom to talk about  anything scientific… ”Honey…I have some important questions about physics…”  I do this during a NY Yankees game…I can mute the game or keep the sound very low as he’s babbling on and on… …encourage him to talk…talk…talk…about any of his facocta*  topics and instead of glazing over…I smile…touch his leg…give him a kiss…let him know I love him…keep rotating my hand in now over-excited areas…because of his fascination with science… and when he’s tuckered out mentally…which sometimes happens…and assuming the game is not at a crucial point… although I can pause or record…I now re-route his verve to the science of biology and…make us both happy….I don’t care if he wants to take a snooze afterwards because I can now actually watch my game in peace and harmony……

Life is good when we find answers…

*Yiddish for “myriad of mind-numbing concerns”



Funny yet sweet. Love your writing.

Tell Rob my I blew up the chemistry room with Greg (by accident).
I also blew up one of my Grams canisters in the kitchen with some mixture so I am with you. Concerned about the ecology,etc but it
does nothing to get my mojo running kinda like oil and water do not mix well……..

After 15 yrs. the Bums with his collecting history, sports, music, yada yada., Worse than a women who sneaks in the house each day with a shopping bag full of stuff.

So nice to know that we all have OUR ways, xoxo
Fun Blog

Hilarious!! My hubby talks about cars. Never thought to keep his motor running like this. Hmmmm.

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