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Posted on: August 12, 2010

So I crapped out on another audition today!  Why is it I save my funniness for after the audition?  At first I suspected my funny bone has carpal tunnel!!  Surgery…I need funny bone surgery….

Doctah!!!!  Oh shut up, silly girl!  Let’s investigate what went wrong today…

I was auditioning for a commercial…the product was a Japanese energy bar only shown in Japan…no complaints…I wouldn’t care if it was only shown on the moon…I just wanna hear…”You’ve booked the job!”

So…it was my turn…the casting assistant told me to go into the room…the auditioning room where the cameraman directs you one one one…however in this case…it was the place where all the Japanese product execs and the director happened to be snorting up their just delivered lunches…ohhh…the delicious Italian aroma!  I was hungry too!     

Focus!  I’m now an Italian maid holding a tray of breakfast food…offering it up to my 20 something rich, playboy employer who refuses to get out of bed so dismisses me and the food…When he turns down the meal I’m supposed to go bananas…that’s bananas like in let go…get crazy…let the anger flow…A FREAKIN’ DREAM COME TRUE!  I was Anna Magnani with an apron…all right…and a pot belly…

They liked what I did…they asked me to do it again…but bigger…meaning I could get crazier…angrier…pissier…all that I am…that I hold back because I think I might hurt someone… I was given freakin’ permission to be the wolf…to huff and to puff and to blow the house down…

But I was toooo clever…frozen by the promise of freedom…I blew…but nothing came out…I huffed and I puffed but couldn’t blow down a feather…”Thank you!”  That means audition over…

Hopefully…a lesson learned!!!!


6 Responses to "BLOW MY BLOG DOWN!!!"

Your funny bone is just wonderfully funny and in no need of surgery.
Go serve Rob some protein bar wearing your Italian Maid outfit…..
Sometimes when we are given permission our instinct tells us screw you.
Italian Maid….you must have been so cute:)

All sounds like fun to me. Enjoyed reading about your day.

So next audition will go so much better..and you will blow them out of the water…Who needs Japanese italian food eaters anyway!? They missed out on a number one Ninja actress…so sorry..their loss!

You are funny. and giving ourselves permission to be the things we KNOW we are but are afraid to let show, is so hard for all of us.
I still have to try not to throw up at the mere mention of…Would you like to speak to this group? I have been doing this for 15 years and I will never not be nauseas. Yo’ll get ’em next time…one the drive to the interview, practicing growling…really growling out loud.My husband always had our kids do that as they were called onto the soccer field. It became a regular pre game exercise. It worked.

Ha ha! As a fellow-actor, man, I feeeeeel this post. Definitely in the win-some/lose-some pile. Although, the win-win is that it makes a great blog post, right?!

Better luck with the auditions next time. There is always a next time. Never give up!


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