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Posted on: August 21, 2010

When life’s crap is clogging up my arteries and whirling through my brain…I study the image in the mirror and think…nope…don’t like her…can’t find her heart…no soul…sending her into a pod state…pulling the switch…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…to reverse the energy…and then…

 I bow deeply to the Goddess of light…SHE laughs…takes a deep breath…then blows the yuck out of my nerve endings…guiding me toward GRATITUDE…as follows:

  1. I have a home…in transition…void of curtains…but filled with joy and love…
  2. I’m restricted to eating chicken/fish/beef/cooked vegetables/ peanut butter…BUT…I have the means to buy ice cream…chocolate…the finest fresh fruit when my body heals…
  3. My clothes must be washed and dried at the Laundromat…but I have the quarters to make them clean
  4. Though mired in my deepest self-loathing…I have so many people who dismiss my rants and love me anyway…
  5. Even when my head is blank…I’ve learned that willingness is the key to be patient and those words will come…
  6. In darkest despair…there is a rainbow that hits me upside the head and changes my entire perspective…
  7. 65 years of life lessons through wild success and deep down dirty pain have taught me that everything good and bad…passes
  8. I get to choose every single day to either share or hoard my ability to love and honor…
  9. In good times and not so good times…I have the baseball channel to watch my New York Yankees
  10.  That even though life is all about me…I can really listen and hear everything you have to say…I’m a good friend


Lovely post for Saturday. I was hoping that you now had a diagnosis and were on the mend. You are loved and life is good if we choose to look at the positive.

Right on, girl! Stay in that gratitude- it will heal you.
And we have October to look forward to, a/k/a the best Linda birthday EVER!

Love you!

INCREDIBLE…I believe in choice…right down to the next cupcake or the bitter words that escape my mouth…choice! Therefore attitude is a choice. You have chosen brilliantly, and have inspired others to do the same.
We may be getting older, stiff and droopy, but we can afford the advil, oil of olay and support hose. Our parts don’t work like they used to but we can afford depends, ben-gay and some more advil.
Bless you for you

I have the deepest Gratitude for meeting you on friendships path.
I feel we will travel many new paths together.
You got me watching the Yankees and it has been awhile I was the biggest Catfish Hunter/Thurman Munson fan back in the 70’s.
Your smile alone brightens my day and you are so patient with me when I just totally forget what the hell I was going to say.
I guess we each have something we would like tweaked. But I have always appreciated each day and
I am just so happy to have you in my life.

I am just re reading again because this blog stayed with me all last night.
Can feel your heartbeat of friendship in your words.
#5 had a special meaning for me(which I know you will understand)
but 1-10 priceless.
as are you dear friend.

Hey Kiddo;

Good to get “inside” ourselves sometimes. It’s a great way to escape the outside!

Wish that I could be as great a fan as you are of the Yankees. I love them, but when they don’t win the World Series every single year, I am p—-d at them. You are consistent. that’s a real fan. I guess that I am a fair weather fan.

You are so right, things pass on, so why linger on them especially if they hurt???

Love you! Peace!

just so wonderful. perfect.
thank you.
love you.

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