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Posted on: August 31, 2010

But he’s still my best friend…

Not to say Rob and I don’t have our personal episodes of Macy’s July 4th Fireworks…

“Stop criticizing my driving…you’re gonna make me have an accident…”

“If you have an accident it’s because you’re a terrible driver…pull over…”

“Rob…we’re three miles from home…”

“Pull over…I’m getting outta this fucking car before we crash…”

“Great…get out!  I’m changing the locks on our front door…”

And to make his point…he walks home….and gets there before I call a locksmith.

The good news…the above hasn’t happened in quite a while…and…I’m not a terrible driver…Rob’s a stickler for Rules…Rules…and more Rules…and I’m…I’m a bender…

But one facet of Rob I really love…he knows how to be a friend…like when my Mom died…he was my friend…holding me up when I just wanted to lay down and die…he kept me afloat…On a lighter note…when I blow an audition…he’s right there with some comforting words…But the MOST IMPORTANT…AND NECESSARY…when I can’t fit into a pair of pants…”Honey…you always look beautiful to me…”

So when a friend who he hadn’t spoken to in a while called…said his  mom was dying…and asked…”Would you come spend a few days with me…?  Good friend Rob turned his schedule around and is in the process of making it happen.

I’m so proud of my best friend for being a friend…Wait!…You don’t think he’s gay…do you?



Great story. I like Rob from what you have to say about him. I like you too.

So sweet. Good to know you have someone in your corner who’s always there when you need him.

Awwww….Rob is a great guy. So glad you two have each other.
He’s much better than your Jamaican giggolo, and that’s hard to top!

NO, LL. I don’t think he’s gay. I think he’s a man. And they can be very difficult, especially when they are complacent in their marriages and feel comfortable telling you anything that’s on their minds….. MINDS?

I live with your type of animal…and he’s not nearly as warm and fuzzy as my dog…..

Loving this blog and your praise of Rob.

Bums and I use FB to communicate within the house since we seem to always be on different floors but we do sleep together!!!!and……..

How wonderful a friend to spend time with another who is in need.
That is what it is all about. Happy you have each other. xo

How did I miss this one? This is a precious piece. My answer to being a passenger in a car when my ex husband was driving, was to go to sleep. The only problem was that, when I dared open one eye, I’d see some truck almost on top of us on Route 80!!! God forbid, that he would ever drive in the fast lane – my permanent home! Remember that trek from the Poconos to Lower Manhattan??????? 11 years!!!
Enough about me. Let Rob drive and you put on “blinders”. Better yet, let him put on the “blinders”. Hi Rob! Just kidding, NOT! I love you!

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