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Posted on: September 7, 2010

Remember when Dionne Warwick sang  to us about a HOUSE not being a HOME?   “A chair is still a chair even when no one is sitting there.”  But I always wondered  –  if someone is lying, sitting, cooking, crapping in your place  – isn’t it still a home?  Even without the love Dionne craved?  How about self-love? 

These are the dumbest freaking lyrics on the planet – a chair is still a chair – an ottoman is still an ottoman  – a leg is still a leg – even if it’s covered with hair  – but a home without love is what?  A parakeet?  Don’t get me wrong   – Burt Bacharach & Hal David wrote some smoking tunes & lyrics – but having just forced myself to re-read the lyrics  – I got a lump in my throat – which I always get before I puke –

We have love in our apartment – but Rob and I both know if we don’t get out of here into a bigger home there’ll be no love – no marriage and only broken chairs which will still be broken chairs – and perhaps broken windows to boot.

So – Rob and I are headed for Westchester – that’s in Los Angeles County  – about  20 minutes from Santa Monica – my home for the last 13 years.  It’s unfamiliar – I don’t know where Ralph’s or Trader Joe’s or Vons is located – I don’t know the neighbors – don’t know if their houses are homes – but our new abode will be a home even when we can’t stand each other.  I’m sure of it!


7 Responses to "HOMEWARD BOUND!"

I think if you and rob lived in a closet it would be a happy home.

I know you will turn any house into a home. Westchester is great. Homegoods and Trader Joes are right on Sepulveda next to In and Out (one of my favorites) and Kohl’s (found some cool stuff). Also just down from there a mile or so is a great new shopping center technically El Segundo (A great little area) with a huge Whole Foods and Lulu lemon and the Counter restaurant and other fabulous places to eat and shop. Where is the house located?

Hey Sis, You are on a roll out of your lovely Apt into a house and l know you will fill every ounce of this larger space with your love of writing, Rob’s love of painting and your love for each other which will turn this house into your home. Plus you have a guest room for all of us to love being together to watch some Yankee Games!!
Happy New Location!! Based on Madge info I want to move there. My closest Whole Foods and Trader Joes are a mere 75 miles from the house but I do have a HomeGoods & Kohl’s which are around the corner 25 miles from the house. Told ya we live in the Forest!! and you and Rob will come to stay with us anytime you want to come EAST. ♥

“but having just forced myself to re-read the lyrics – I got a lump in my throat – which I always get before I puke –”

ha ha ha ha!!! Love that line.
Can’t wait to come and sit on your chairs, broken or not, in your new house/home…whatever it is.
Love you!

Thanks again for the link to your webpage.


I’d forgotten about that song. It is a bit stupid, but deft at the same time. I loved Dionne so much that I didn’t care what the heck she was saying! It reminds me of my old Psych professor asking us, “Is this a chair?” “How do you know it’s a chair?” “Is it present?” Who gives a —-????? I couldn’t care less as my fellow classmates were having lengthy conversations about this darn chair’s being. All I wanted to do was to go design a room full of fantasy furniture!
Hey, you’re bringing back mucho of my memories that were sort of buried.
Love you. Where are the good old days??? Keep delving into your memory bank. I enjoy the lovely, funny stories that dig deep.
Be well and happy.

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