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Posted on: September 13, 2010

The O’Jays sang it to us:  “Some people gotta have it…Hey, hey, hey…Some people really need it…Don’t sell ya soul for the money- no, no, no…”

For day to day transactions we think of cash as King – the primary source for having food – home – air to breathe freely. 

What if  we think of money as Queen?  Money is Goddess-like – pure Energy that shifts from one place to another.  I’ve heard that over and over again from people a lot wiser than me.  Wayne Dyer says that.  I like much of what he says.

Just two days ago a friend said to me:  “Every penny counts.”  As those words came at me, I felt my gut splitting in two.  That’s a lot of counting – 100 pennies to a dollar…on and on.  If I accept that money is just transferable energy – if I accepted and lived that axiom – What if it’s true that money is just transferable energy – and I accept and wholeheartedly believe that axiom – (except on very very bad self-loathing days) I could afford to live somewhere other than this apartment.  Like in a lovely home with a yard filled with flowers and grass…

 OMG – What a concept!  The sum of my financial worth is just energy.  Instead of counting pennies and worrying – I could use that power to create more energy – or in my my universe – more laughter – more thought!

I’m in!  That endless Goddess force is surrounding us all!  Drink!


2 Responses to "MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!"

Love your new axiom.


Keep bringing those old lyrics back to memory. I nearly choked as I was reading these. Don’t know why I found them so funny. I guess that it was the WAY that I was reading them. Somehow, the words don’t have the same meaning when you read them as when you hear the actual lyrics being sung. Find some more songs that you can parody. That should be fun!


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