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Posted on: September 27, 2010

If you’d have queried me as I was leaving a disco during my mid-twenties:

“Linda, how do you think you’ll approach life when you’re a senior citizen?”

I would have laughed in your face at just the concept of ever being that old.  But to satisfy your quest and make you go away – I would have told you I’d still be smoking pot and going to discos because I’ll never grow old.

In less than 30 days I will turn 66.  I stopped smoking pot in my 30s because it gave me anxiety attacks – but on a dime I still shake my bootie to the sound of the O’Jays, Gloria GaynorDonna Summer – hey, she was like my girlfriend.  

Frankly I couldn’t admit I was a senior until turning 65.  The fact that people are living longer now leaves a lot of room for “middle age.”  But there’s no doubt that I am presently living The Third Act of my life. 

I am finally ready to move into the “home.”  No, not assisted living!  With over forty years of apartment living – some funky – then elegant – to presently functional – Act Three is about comfort, creativity and cadence.


  •  One floor and one floor only ensuring the absence of annoying extra steps, forcing complicated and painful maneuvering while balancing grocery bags
  •  A washer/dryer combo which will add more livable minutes – eliminating any need for the stress and strain of the weekly Laundromat visits
  • Two extra bedrooms for depositing a snoring husband AND adding loving friends visiting from other places
  • A patio with a Barbecue to finally take advantage of my inheritance – 12 steel skewers  with which I can utilize my Middle Eastern family’s secret shish kebab recipe


  • Will flourish in the absence of what I call rap, tap and snap – the college students with whom we shared walls
  • Motivation will be hiked up a notch in order to pay new and inflated bills


  • An openness allowing our own rhythms and beats to define our new lives

 And so the THIRD ACT begins.  Who knows – maybe there’ll be a FOURTH!


4 Responses to "THE THIRD ACT – MOVING ON UP!"

So looking forward to this chapter with our new found friendship.

Brilliant!! Sounds wonderful to know I have 10 years to look forward to this bliss.

I was thrilled to read this script on life. The scene sounds amazing, the comforts of your own home, friends kicking up their heels with you while enjoying some yummy secret family kebab and best is your creative engeries which are already overflowing and well hell 65 is a FABulous age to embrace, reinvent, move on ground floor and LIVE LIFE.
Brava. I am loving this for you.

You are so great, Linda. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate your birthday this year . . . but for sure all of your FB friends will be cheering you on! 4th Chapter? There will be many more. Your spirit is strong and full of many many more chapters.

Hey Linda;

Congrats again on the new home. This is such a wonderful blessing. Be well and happy in it.
Well, you have already met and married Rob, so who needs to visit a laundramat anymore???????? I think that washers and dryers in the home are the best gift to mankind.
Loved the “inheritance” info!!! Did someone say shish kebab? I Will be right over! Don’t go overdecorating because once you start, you never stop!
Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless.

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