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Testimonial from Robert Rob C Anderson

Posted on: September 30, 2010

September 9, 2010 at 9:21am
Re: Midnight Rainbow….
Hi Linda:

I grew up In Brooklyn NY, and moved to Boston in the late 80’s to go to college. I studied architecture, and eventually moved into teaching architectural history. I met my partner Jim in 1990, and we got married when MASS allowed it. He is an architect. I introduced him to your show, through recordings I made of your show, that we used to listen to in our old car on long drives. He loved listening to you as well.

Every so often the frantic music lead-out of “Luciano’s Vocal Academy and Appliance Dealer” pops into my head, to remind me of absurdities, and also brings about a good belly laugh. I find I love the contradiction of things and ideas, and finding the humor in it, so as not to take life so seriously… all coming from your show.

I remember my grandmother (who raised me – She became my new “Mom”), always being so infuriated with my recording your show, so late into the night. She couldn’t understand my need to be up so late, listening to the radio. As a very shy kid (then…), your world was fascinating and a way of getting out of my shell.

The quick wit of your humor has always reminded me of British Comedy, which I love. Every so often I see parallels and connections to Monty Python, and to a quirky short lived series called Black Books, where the banter was non-stop.

I also remember the first time I called in to your show. I was so nervous, and shaky in the voice. I was always so nervous with public speaking yet alone get on the radio. I still managed to get a “homerun” that first call, and it taught me a bit of self confidence to not “sweat it.” It came in handy years later with my teaching, and every so often when I feel that nervous twinge and a sweat coming on, I hear the “homerun” and I move forward. You have always been there, in a multitude of ways.

I am rambling now…. but Thank You.

Your web pages and stories are wonderful, and I am intrigued by your Mommy Stories pages and workshops.

Thanks again for everything. I will subscribe to the Inner Giggler pages and forward it to friends. I look forward to reading the blog.

I am so happy to have found you on facebook. I’d love to learn more about you, but also wish to respect your privacy.

with such fondness,

Robert Rob C Anderson

3 Responses to "Testimonial from Robert Rob C Anderson"

Wow great story Linda.

This letter is a brilliant tribute to you Linda.
How wonderful to search you out, find you, then take the time to share all that you have meant from years past. I truly love this.
Bravo Mr. Anderson
Brava Ms. Lichtman
We all look forward to more Linda Lichtman!

I love this.
You just never know how you are affecting people, just by being your best you. I’m sure there are many, many more Robert’s who felt the same, but very few people write letters. Kudos to Robert for opening his heart and sharing with you.
Kudos to YOU for being an inspiration.

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