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Posted on: October 13, 2010

My eyes are glued to CNN – I’m barely breathing as I watch the ultimate reality show – The Rescue of the Chilean Miners.  Everyone is waiting, waiting for the first minor to emerge from the capsule.  His arrival seems  slow as everyone is holding their collective breaths.

Now a close-up of his young son who is flashing terror, anxiously awaiting his dad’s arrival above the earth’s surface.  My heart was breaking for him – yet, in that same moment, I couldn’t help but fantasize that we were waiting instead for my dad, Charlie Lichtman, to arrive in that capsule.  I became that little boy, but instead of biting my finger nails, I was chewing on a Hershey Bar. Of course Dad’s hair is slicked back under the helmet; he’s wearing a lime green golf shirt with matching pants and socks. 

As the real miner emerged, the crowd cheered.  Reality check Linda, the miner is a Chilean man named Florencio Avalos, not my dad.  Florencio was safe and thrilled to see his son.  My dad as a national hero.  Hah!  He would have stopped and asked me why I was ruining my diet with the chocolate. 

Then, the second rescued miner, Mario Sepulveda, arrived and put smiles on everyone’s faces.  Upon leaving the capsule, we could see him uncover a back pack. Then everyone started laughing as he pulled rocks from his bag and presented each to mine managers and workers who helped in the rescue effort. 

Again, I replaced Mario with my Dad and boy was he pissed! “WTF?  How long were we supposed to wait down there?  Huh?  Sons of bitches – we almost died down there.  And the food, feh!   Not one bagel in 68 days!  You ever hear of chicken soup in a crisis?  I would have killed for some kasha varnishkes.  Even worse – I couldn’t get a damn gin game down there – pinochle, I would settled for pinochle.” 

Dad pulled out the knapsack and asked to see the mine managers.  “I want to see them right now.”  Oh no!  I closed my eyes as he began throwing rocks – two at a time at the bodies of these unsuspecting managers.   And then as quickly as he began, he froze.  Charlie Lichtman got down on his knees and began weeping.  Filled with humility and kindness, Dad began thanking everyone, one at a time, expressing his undying gratitude for saving their lives as he asked for a cell phone.  “Yes operator, just give me the number for any CAA agent in Hollywood…please!”  Now that could be my Dad!


3 Responses to "DAD, MY YIDDISHA MINER"

Linda, I am watching in Japan on the BBC. It is so amazing. Lots of countries helped to make this work. I would have liked Charlie Lichtman. Great story relating your father to this wild rescue.

Great blog Linda!
I’d like to hear more about your character of a dad.
If it had been my dad trapped in a mine for two months, he would have come up sober- now THAT would have been a miracle.


Keep it comin’ Linda..I cant get enough of your wild stories and your fabulous humor….xoxoxox

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