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Posted on: November 23, 2010

“BARNEY’S VERSION” –  opens December 24th

What to wear:      Loose fitting clothes, comfortable shoes – 2 hrs. 12 mins.

Prior Meal:            Don’t fill up too much so your InnerGiggler® & heart are free for laughter & tears

Rating:              6 giggles; 3 tissues

The opening scene grabbed my attention immediately. Barney Panofsky (Paul Giamatti) showed me exactly who he was and I loved him anyway.  “Barney’s Version” is a visual memoir about a high functioning nerdy, narcissistic, alcoholic’s quest for true love.  

A flashback to his post-adolescence in Rome reveals a marriage to brainless and deceitful wife number one.  Feeling nauseous, I was getting ready to walk – but before I could scream  popcorn, the freakin’ fabulous Minnie Driver prances on screen with her high-pitched, hissy-fitting Jewish Princess cackle, and tickles the audience – until we realize she’d be the second crappy wife.  I wanted to jump onto the screen and foist divorce papers into Barney’s hands before the wedding ended.

I didn’t have to.  Fortunately our anti-hero spotted the girl of his dreams – at his wedding – but the shrewd, unflappable Barney didn’t let that stop him.  My inner violins played as he slowly, purposefully connected the dots to the heart of his true love.  The emotionally sturdy and serene Miriam, gorgeously played by the beautiful Rosamund Pike completes his search for a soul mate.  But would she be enough?  Don’t expect all the answers.

Did I mention the unbelievable chemistry between Barney and Dad?  Or that Dustin Hoffman was daddy boy?  Yes, our Dusty was simultaneously a father and a kid – a cop and a hoodlum – a sage “Marriage begins with brisket and blow jobs…” and an idiot – upon his police department retirement, he bestows his gun on his alcoholic son.  Despite my description, underline the adjective charming.

Unfortunately, Daddy couldn’t prevent Barney’s insecurities from taking over, after all they were busy marinating in his shot glass throughout his life. Insecurities often lead to very bad decisions – I’m not telling. which ones.  Despite Barney’s idiocy, that love he feels for Miriam never dwindles and eventually shreds my heart strings.  I’m just saying.

Though not seamless – there was some difficulty in sewing the past and the present into a smooth frock – but I didn’t want off the merry-go-round.    

Based on the novel by Mordecai Richler (“The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz”) the screenwriter, Michael Konyves, and director Richard J. Lewis give us a wonderfully adult film on an unusual and witty journey.  The talent-endowed Oscar-nominated Paul Giamatti, uses all his gifts, freely and fully, inhabiting that guy who makes us cringe while we ask, “Tell us what you really think!”

A final note: this film was made in Canada – because it actually takes place in Canada.



Sounds good. Glad you are back to writing.

This is a must!! Im going to see this movie…in fact..cant wait!!

This shiksa happens to think you are a fabulous storyteller, and you’re invited to sit at my table any time!
I love this Lyndon-loo. Love it.

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