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part 3 – WHAT’S MY WORTH?

Posted on: December 31, 2010

As I approach that debit/credit list for Day 3 – I realize that after a bunch of errands, some laundry then a movie with Rob I am now way too zonked to give an accurate evaluation.  So I am delaying the final tally of the worth process to post on Friday. 

I will say that today was filled with a lot of love and support from people who understand the concept of friendship.   If nothing else, I feel incredibly full and way lucky.

If outside responses determined the success of my worth, I’m a smoking success today!  But it’s the tally in my eyes and heart that really count.

In gratitude to my buds…taking it to the streets!  Until tomorrow!


4 Responses to "part 3 – WHAT’S MY WORTH?"

Linda, you are a brave and righteous examiner of self-defeat, self-doubt, and, so beautifully, self-WORTH.

Happy New Year, baby! xo

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

have loved 1, 2 and 3…love that you gave yourself permission to rest and be grateful…
MTM now supports your link…thanks for being part of all of our success.

OMG!!! I just LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! YOU, Linda…….LOVE YOU!!!

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