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Posted on: January 4, 2011

Although consequences pervaded the lives of many in 2010, there remains an air of optimism for 2011.  Here are my top five affirmative experiences for 2010: 

  1. Said “yes” to an offer to plant myself in a Goddess Garden where I’m growing emotionally and creatively along side the most beautiful human flowers
  2.  Created & launched the “Inner Giggler” Blog which delights many including me.  The fear that no one would read it isappeared with the acknowledgement that I can’t predict responses – but I can keep sowing… 
  3. Allowing new and untested friends to love me – then taking the love in and letting it flow freely from me to them and others 
  4. Leaping off the financial “safety” plateau of the “too small” apartment and landing in a lovely house accepting the financial challenges
  5. Accepting and embracing that I am a worthy, vital, sexy, funny and loving woman – with lots more to contribute in this world…even at 66 – yeah!

8 Responses to "PERSONAL BEST OF 2010:"

Love this Linda. So glad I get to share this with you.

Just love this.

bravo ms. lichtman. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.
i love you.

I want to be right there to hug the crap out of you girl!!!!
This was brilliant, just brilliant.
I loved every word and its heartfelt message.
You are so loved by me ❤

And I’m thinking YOU are so loved by me!

hear, hear to all of that!
In spite of the hardships 2010 dealt, there were great blessings of love and friendship that made it a year to remember.
with love from one of your flower friends.

YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!
You are a gorgeous and blooming flower. You are so LOVED!! And nothing can stop you now.
This year…….”Starting here, starting NOW! Honey, everything’s coming up roses”.
“Break a Leg”, kiddo.
Kisses to you, my darling GF.

uhhhhhh – love this soooo hard!

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