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Posted on: January 5, 2011

Someone please save me – pull the remote out of my hand – or better yet, just shoot me.   Now!

After two months in our new house, I finally prepared and cooked a whole meal for Rob and myself.  Then despite my desire to jump on Facebook to connect with all my bffs – I cleaned up.   Yes.  Every pot – three – and pan – one – is now sparkling and returned to its rightful place.  Completely – no cheating.

Exhausted, I’m plopping my tush on the uncomfortable living room couch – the new one will arrive ???  – ohhh it feels good anyway.  I can reach the remote which fits perfectly in my right hand where it belongs.  I’m ready for some cool TV.  CLICK!    

There’s this man on TV meeting one beautiful woman after another – and even though they don’t know him – they appear to be begging this unknown quantity to marry them.   Clicker – transfer me to a better world.

I’m stuck in some desperate fake reality.   I can’t move.

I didn’t turn it off.  I watched the whole thing.

I’m a woman of taste – and uh – substance.  If my intention was to be “leisurely” I could have watched last week’s episodes of “Days of Our Lives” or “Law & Order:  SVU” repeats.

I look to the left, to the right.  No one is watching.  I’d like to drape a cloth on every mirror in the house now. 

How about  I just giggle at my foibles.  I love foibles!  I even love saying the word. 


Hey!  Will you marry me???


7 Responses to "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Funny Linda. I can just picture it. What did you make for dinner?

I want to come watch TV with you! Cuddle up, giggle at a funny show, cry viewing a sad one.

I am used to Bums hogging the remote,ha. so I can deal with you.
Glad someone cleaned up their kitchen last night. I never leave mine a mess but Bums wanted to watch V and we were both running late and well he went to bed dreaming of that V Babe with the tail.
What can I say…
and I went off to the laundry room so this morning was crazy. I like my kitchen ready to go in the am, insane I know!

I am loving this roll of Linda blogs. Keep them coming.
I would marry you, yes I would!!xo

I haven’t made a meal since Christmas so you are wayyy ahead of me! I tend to drape a cloth on the mirrors when I watch episode after episode of Housewives of Atlanta, NJ, NY, OC, DC, CRAZY!!! Foibles, foibles, foibles…so much fun! A.

omg…i am in the woods, the deep dark woods…No t.v. no radio…no The Bachelor. I must admit I felt a little left out Monday night knowing he was meeting his next bevy of beauties…we are so weird aren’t we…to hate something and just love it at the same time. i have to say that even my husband is hooked (he’ll never admit it though). but he leaves the room when the ditched girls cry on their way out. he can’t stand to see their pain…

YES!! Of course I will marry you.
But NO hanky panky! Okie Dokie? LOL

OMG Maxee – thanks for letting me know about the comment(s) – I almost nevah look here – but I will now – speaking of hanky panky – I’m about to write tonite’s blog about my visit to a “sexually” healthy store. I sooo love you!!!! And thanks so much for the support and love – your phone call sent me to the “worthy” place…xoxooxox

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