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WEIGHT WATCHING…don’t you dare look!

Posted on: February 3, 2011

“You looking at me?”

She moves closer to the mirror.  Shades of Travis Bickel are reflecting back.

“You looking at me?”

The answer is yes.  I’m looking at me. 

Yikes!   I could look a little healthier, happier, thinner, smaller, slimmer – not so chunky!   I could be smiling right now if my bra’s underwire wasn’t digging into my rib cage, or if the zipper on my jeans wasn’t ripping me a new belly button.  I could be more joyous but can’t feel it under these conditions.

I swore to myself this wouldn’t happen again.  I promised “me” that the gym wasn’t going to be a distant memory and that I’d never move back into Pepperidge Farm, ever.  But ya know, when the sky is blue and my life seems momentarily perfect, unbearable, painful, filled with joy – at any of those moments of emotional and mental distraction  – that calls for a cookie, candy bar, ice cream or anything that will sustain my foggabilitty! 

And absolutely no one can tap me on the shoulder and ask, “Whattcha doing cause you’re growing wider!”  Try it and you’ll never celebrate another birthday.

“I’m NOT guilty your Honor, that nosy bitch  – formerly known as hussy – was the guilty  one – she crossed the ‘weight’ line!”  No jury in this country would convict me.  Certainly not in Los Angeles.

Will I find a solution?  Tune in tomorrow!!!

7 Responses to "WEIGHT WATCHING…don’t you dare look!"

Interesting-will wait for tomorrow to see where this is going.

Ok Linda…
I admit..I still long for the day when I could order anything from Victoria Secret and it would fit…didnt even have to look at the size chart..anything in a 4 would do….
Now..I throw all catalogues away…dont even want to look at their damn size chart..because I know im going to be somewhere between…”Oh!”..and “Opps”.
But then again…so what? I long as we are vibrant and long as our mind is still fast and lean..isnt that what really matters? I look at you and see a gorgeous , funny, brilliant, alive woman. I think thats far superior to looking at you and seeing a size 2 on a boring, frail, sallow cheeked frame.
Just walk a little and keep the heart healthy but dont condemn that wonderful body for a minute…its luscious in every way!!!!!

You are my brand spanking new QUEEN Goddess!!!

Been there — done that and…I always have that moment when I ask myself, did I shrink all my clothing? I mean maybe my washing machine and dryer went haywire and everything spontaneously shrunk? It could happen…


Well I thought you looked fabulous last night.
So there.

You are a Linda Goddess! My leg is a size two.

So I decided that in honor of your blog Bums, Mojo and I are having a Friday night pizza (wishing it could be from Vic’s in Bradley Beach, NJ) but that is no longer around the corner.

There are just times no matter what we do (treadmill,gym,walk,run,jog) or eat yogurt, hemp,yada,yada
we need to step aside and rejoice that
we are healthy, witty, full of fun and spirit and you my dear have a heart of solid gold.
desert: dark chocolate chunk with almonds,cranberries and pistachios! Bite Me! xoxoxo

you are perfection linda. perfection.

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