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one hour, forty-six minutes and 56 seconds

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Dedicated to my friend, Kristine Van Raden

The earth rotates – no matter what.  We can surrender to that notion and grow with the movement or we can fight against the tides.  I’ve done both.  This is a story of acceptance.

On April 13, 2011 – at 5:04 PST, the Universe offered up perfection as a possibility for everything and anything.  Therefore, a pre-arranged phone call between two distinct energies hinged on the divine – offering up an opportunity to blend and release two open hearts and minds.  However, disillusion from years of broken trusts loomed – shading the freedom.

 One heart/mind was baking brownies and sipping red wine – the other was sucking up tap water marinating with tangerine rinds.  One pressed phone digits – two rings – the other – answered the phone.    

Within a few moments of re-connection, there was a double unconscious surrender, allowing their trust issues built over a lifetime of small and larger disappointments to unknowingly melt.   Fences and boundaries relaxed as they took turns unzipping her/her deepest and darkest fears, shame, guilt – unleashing the residue of nightmares and secrets harnessed by fear of judgment.  

 Each offering was instantly received by the other – as if it were a slice of skin shaved from the heart – then transferred to that organ of the other.  Each sensed the gift would be cherished.

As the dialer, I was expecting to have another pleasant chat with a loving, bright, creative woman I met on Facebook.  Yes.  There was that.  But I never expected this event to result in the re-wiring and re-labeling of my gut – now reading, “Trust Here.”  Profound and perfect.  I don’t know if I’ve ever allowed myself to let go on that level. 

 All this and more in one hour, forty-six minutes and fifty-seven seconds.

5 Responses to "one hour, forty-six minutes and 56 seconds"

trusting that who shows up on your path will bring you what you need and an opportunity to learn something significant…sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s ugly. nonetheless we can learn and be transformed & prepared for the next thing that arrives… you my dearest dear are a person I have been waiting for. you risk vulnerability and as far as I am concerned that is the root of a deep friendship and better yet, deep understand of ones-self. I am honored to be your friend and grateful for the inspiration.

My turn for tears. It was ordained.

I have been on the phone with Kristine..though it was a while back..I have come to the conclusion she is not of this world..but a much much higher..more spirtual..more place. She is an angel on earth. She is gifted..but humble..and she opens her arms to anyone in need. We came together in support of someone else….to promote an author we both loved..but never did Kristine mention that she too had a book published and was herself a gifted author. (Ironically I had her book in my shelf and never made the connection..). I am honored to know Kristine..and I can tell you..that I often..though she does not know this..reread her blog for inspiration and thoughts..and when I am low..or feeling too “puffed up” in my ego…”Matters that Matter” bring me back to earth..back to life…and also lift me to the higher place..if only for a moment..where Kristine lives. She has changed my thoughts forever…in the most beautiful way.

Lovely friendship. I am glad it came about.

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