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Posted on: May 26, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat through a Woody Allen movie – In wonder – joy – surprise – delight – and in laughter.  However, last night ALL of the above and more transpired.

Once again, Woody masterfully intertwines reality with fantasy.  What if we could live at another time?  When?  Who would be there?  Woody chooses Paris in the 1920s so he/we can revel in an assortment of the era’s creative movers and shakers including the likes of Picasso, Cole Porter,  Hemingway and Fitzgerald – drinking, partying, and leaning against Gertrude Stein’s armoire while discussing their favorite topics – themselves.   

At the film’s center, yet another misaligned couple – the tortured writer (him) and the thirsty for fun and shopping (her) work their individual paths through the story.  Owen Wilson as Gil – breezes through his character with much less self-conscious, self-effacing dialogue than we’re accustomed to from Allen.  Some vestigial fears like death and insecurity still plague him – but this character is more naturally alive than other Allen protagonists.  Owen’s ability to travel back and forth through time is effortless – thanks to the writer/director. 

Rachel McAdams wears her strong and self-assured character more smoothly than the usual insecure female Allen leads.  Everyone has a “place” in this film – everyone exists here organically rather than because they'[re forced to play a part.

The idea that “living in another era” would bring us more happiness, love, money, power is the ongoing theme and fantasy for our hero.  Sound familiar?  An ongoing cry for many who see their problems more troublesome in today’s world. Yesterday would have been better because we can pretend how we’d like it to have been.

Despite the odd stories we’ve heard through the years by actors about working with the Oscar winning director – he somehow managed the get the best from the best, including a most delicious scene with Adrien Brody as a wildly nuanced Salvadore Dali will draw me back for another viewing.  And maybe another.

Spend an evening inside Woody Allen’s imagination and you’ll leave creatively and mentally satisfied.  “Midnight in Paris” is magnifique!


It’s on my list for this weekend. Thanks for the thumbs up.

WOW!!! I haven’t read a better, well written, clear, concise, review of a movie in, I don’t know how long. Linda, you did it again, girlfriend. Looking forward to seeing it. Fabulous review!! Kudos to you!!

Linda, your review sold me to go see and since Paris is on my bucket list past, present,or future this might be my only way of seeing it. We never go to the movies but there is a new multi something near us 18 miles away, lol.

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