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Welcome to Glory Land

Posted on: July 16, 2011

Wednesday morning I awoke in Glory Land.                             

My eyes opened and something felt painlessly different.  Usually I want to close my lids quickly and do the usual “oh no, another day” moan which leads to pulling the covers over my head and doing a head flop back onto my pillow.

I didn’t recognize the positive vibe at first because I’d been living in CaCa Land for over a month.  So I looked under the bed, beneath the pillow, then ventured into the bathroom for a sign.  Everything looked the same – but – something felt different…there was something glowing inside of me – it was…ME!  I was shimmering from the inside out.

After being slam-bam, no thank you ma’am by a “friend” gone rogue – I was feeling worthless, in despair, heart-broken, and ready to jump!  Life didn’t seem worth living – when you love someone, think you’re caring for and supporting him/her and then they turn around and whack you in the face with a frying pan because they’ve been building up resentments for a very long time – that hurts.  And I couldn’t let go of it.  Real friends – two I barely knew – listened quietly to my verbal tears, held me, told me they’d be there for me – before and after I repaired.

I didn’t think the pain would ever subside.  I didn’t think I deserved happiness.  I could barely write, barely show up for my life, my husband, my friends.  It’s that horrible “P” word – process.  It processed itself out of my heart, through my bowels.

I don’t expect to stay in Glory Land forever.  It’s just a break from “life as usual” giving me the opportunity to breathe freely in between the next challenge.  I wanna say “bring it on” but I’d be lying.   Glory Land is where I need to be for today – please come join me!

5 Responses to "Welcome to Glory Land"

Loved this. Think you should shoot for glory land everyday. No longer need to be anywhere else, I think.

you deserve GLORY and happiness and joy. geez, louise, we’ve all been there. love is much deeper than that.

I am loving Glory Land for you~for all of us benefit when we feel this way. We all have those dump days or moments. Some caused by others some even by ourselves. Long ago I can up with my Glory Land motto: Smack in the face~and get gone on with the day~there are just so many things in life that we cannot control~all are learning lessons. We have to sink sometimes to get back to the surface of living and appreciation, while realizing in some cases it was not worth the dive. But it is human nature. What I love about you’re being in Glory Land is that I can feel and see it in your words. Love this for you. Smack~Hugs, K

YAY! So happy to hear you’re happy Linda! You deserve it.

Lovely Linda, I am happy that you felt that inner GLORY upon awakening. May we see and realize that it is always there, but will come and go, rise and fall, but it is there inside of you. May it come more frequently!! I love this quote from my beautiful and inspiring mentor, Mother Teresa…. “Only the Light which comes from inner understanding can light the world.” You bring much light into my world. May it be reflected back to you so you see and feel, and basque in Glory Land. <3<3<3

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