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Watermelon – 1; Linda – 1 – PART II

Posted on: August 1, 2011

 I couldn’t drive, so the next morning Rob re-arranged his schedule so he could help his “gimpy” to the doctor.  Upon entering the examining room, doc giggled at my description of the incident, examined me and my butt – thenchuckled sweetly and supportively when it took me at least 30 – 45 seconds to pull the Spanx-like panties over my belly and butt.

The x-rays (3) were painless – but my fear mounted that somehow I had joined the ranks of the tripping, falling, bone-breaking elderly and would wind up in assisted living.  After doc examined the x-rays – she told me there were no breaks – and that I had badly bruised  my sciatic nerve which was why there was pain down my right leg.  “Keep taking the Ibuprofen –  keep laughing and making others laugh Linda – and you’ll heal beautifully.”  Check back in two weeks to make sure no hairline fractures emerge and smack a watermelon for me!”

I’m feeling much better 3 days later – still a bit gimpy – but the smile is back.   And hey, if you remember, would you smack a watermelon for me?  I’m just sayin…

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Glad you are doing better.

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