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Posted on: September 22, 2011

I can’t speak for you – but in this head above my shoulders – there is an enormous Committee planted there by some practical joker from another universe.   This Committee is comprised of voices from any possible representative opinion and they speak very loudly to me – kind of like Nancy Grace & Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews, Judge Judy and/or all political pundits or reoccurring celebrities attempting to make their point.

The job of this committee is to keep me guessing at all times.  For example:

I’ve decided to go that party I’ve been invited to on Saturday night.  In the midst of choosing what I’ll wear – Nancy Grace will scream:

“You don’t want to go to that party friend.  They’ll be serving shrimp and you’re allergic to seafood; you will go into anaphylactic shock which could lead to diarrhea, heart palpitations, closing of airwaves and on a very bad night – death.”

Rush:  “You have to go to that party you idiot, the host bought you that beautiful scarf last Christmas.”

Judge Judy:  “Do you really think you can fit into the purple dress?  Do you remember what you’ve just eaten for dinner?  Case closed.

Chris:  Heh, heh!  Just wear the black pants – they have an elastic waist and will fit you even after you’ve eaten a bus.  Who cares how it looks?  Just bring a box of candy and no one will notice.”

And just when the voices become manageable – the message changes.

Heidi Klum:  “Oh just go to the damn party – get there fashionably late and leave early.  Remember, sometimes you’re in and for the next party – you’re out!”

Then there’s Seal:  “I wanna fly like an eagle, let that spirit carry me…I wanna fly…”

Some professionals might diagnose this as schizophrenia, but that would be primarily to fill out prescription pads and make brownie points with their drug companies. 

I’ve learned to quiet these voices by:

  1.  Eating brownies
  2.  Watching Yankee games
  3.  Annoying my husband
  4.  Going to the gym – not doing anything – but just being headed in that direction helps.
  5. Phoning a friend.Here’s hoping your voices are quieter than mine.


All about lining up confusion – like setting up the balls for a game of pool.

There are many times during any day I hear voices inside my head. I loved this for I thought I was the only one. Being alone most of the day with Mojo I talk to him and can tell by his Bulldog expressions that he understands yet I would totally freak if he ever answered me, ha, ha.
I think our subconscious plays tricks on us. Like taking ten tops out of the closet until you find just the right one for that moment or event~why do we do this when most of the tops were perfect for other occasions. I just think we have to do what we want and feel we need sometimes without any thought not that we do not care anymore but we put too much into it. Take for instance a big party coming up…a person gets all frazzled with details, plans,etc. the event happens, the event ends and you sit there and want to smack yourself for the fuss you put yourself thru the past few weeks when it all worked out anyway. There are times I like my little voices and there are times I tell them I don’t care I am doing what I want to do for me which is usually the case because I learned long ago I am in charge of me and not that I do not care what others think, I do, I am still me doing what I wanted to do.

You are a whippersmacker! xoox

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