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There was an industry advertisement three weeks ago  CASTING FOR WHEEL OF FORTUNE!  Seeking contestants living in Southern California who have upbeat personalities and are good at game shows.   Send us an email with the following information.  I jumped on it.  

Name:  Linda Lichtman

So. CA town where you reside:   Westchester

Why do you think you’d be a good contestant?    I’m upbeat, quick on my feet, warm and friendly – and love The Wheel!

Tell us a little about yourself:  Retired comic, former biz owner, writer, Internet Radio Show Host – and proud to say I got married for the first time at 55.

Phone Number:  yeah!

Send recent photo:  Done!


I then pressed SEND for my submission –  and was so excited I could barely breathe.  Yes, Wheel of Fortune!  I then sent the ad to four friends who might be interested.  Imagine being on the show with any two of them.  Yes!!!

I started wondering how I’d respond on the set as Vanna turned the letters around.  It’s different once you’re actually there.  Nerves, excitement could color the experience and perhaps detract from my concentration.  I’m gonna start deep breathing again. 

What if my nerves didn’t take over and I was the winning contestant?  Then I could qualify for the jackpot round.  There I am, hugging Pat Sajak, cause he wants me to win.  It’s good for the show.  Yeah!  I’m so happy I rush over and hug Vanna White.  She seems sweet.

Two weeks letter – reality check!  Two of my four friends received phone calls for interviews, the other two didn’t; I didn’t.    Hmmm!

So last night Rob and I watched WOF.   Still thinking I’ve got a shot at an interview, my husband who I admitted marrying when I was 55 – pokes me and addresses one annoying fact, “They never have Seniors on WOF!”   No!  They only have people who can say, “Yes Pat, I’m married to my wonderful soul mate, Roger, we have three astounding children” – she neglected to add the kids are usually under 10.  We never hear “I was married to a fabulous guy who died three years ago.”  No widows!  We never hear “I’ve got three great kids, the oldest is a lawyer and the other two are plumbers… ” OR “I’m a divorcee with three great kids.”  No one gets divorced on WOF.   Well, except for Pat and Vanna.  No Seniors.  Except for Pat – who turns 65 on October 26th;  Vanna is only 54. 

Apparently the producers don’t think Seniors look so sexy in HD – even after the surgery.  But come on have you seen some of the “younger” contestants?  No beauty queens or kings here. 

Also, older folks may have all kinds of sad stories about dead siblings, sick children, losing their homes, their limbs, their teeth.  WOF only want young, young, young people with all their teeth – young and representative of the pre-Boomer demographic.  That’s just wrong.

By the way, of the two friends who received interviews – one is 35, the other a very youthful 42, married and both have young, healthy children.  Of the who weren’t contacted:  one beauty is 60 – OMG!  Don’t put the old farts on TV – whose gonna watch them?  And the other friend is 54 and divorced – like Vanna.

If you’re a non-demographic living in Southern CA – call WOF and complain.  Even if you’re a perfect demographic – and don’t live in Southern CA – email them and complain.

Facing our own truth is usually a daunting and uncomfortable experience.  People prefer watching what they perceive as “truth” in others – i.e.  reality TV – even though there’s barely any reality in these shows.  Rather the “players” are manipulated by producers and directors for the purpose of entertainment.  Who wants to look in the mirror?  Really.  Okay, unless you’ve just lost 20 lbs.

I’m not interested in or compelled by any of the “housewives” silliness, most talk shows, make-over or celebrity’s lives behind the scenes – although I guiltily have given some time to the Kardashians.  Uninvolved, empty, lonely evenings can do that.  Watching the sisters interact often triggered  jealously within me – yes – and I became drenched with envy over their innate “sisterness”  – the self-contained sorority of blood that stays with them through eternity.  I’ve always wanted a sister – begged mom as dad hauled her big belly off to the hospital – “Please mom, please bring home a little sister for me to play with…please.”   Now a good look in that mirror.

Disappointment with the boy child ended soon after he arrived and for about 20 years.   Unfortunately sibling rivalry was accidentally encouraged by parents who knew nothing about child-rearing – so there were always “issues” between he and I.  We were taught “he” was the pretty/ or good-looking one and “I” was the smart one.  He never realized he was smart and I never felt pretty until later on in life.

The rivalry eventually re-ignited when bro married “the loving but clueless woman.”  Both she and her “ilk” would have been an enormous snooze fest of a reality show.  Father works hard to support his four-piece family, mother shops, father works harder, mother shops with more verve, father increases drug and alcohol usage, mother is lost in space between Nordstrom racks – eventually the brother body is totally ravaged by cancer dies, he passes away… and she continues shopping. 

I’ll never know why but from the beginning she disliked me – and you can see how I respectfully I viewed her.  Perhaps fortunately I was left out of their lives.  Resentment?  Yes.  Truth?  Was I the perfect sister-in-law?  No.  I did some crappy things.  The mirror is telling me I’m imperfect.

 This blog is about truth!

The truth is there are many events in my past which are eclipsing my Inner Giggler – my mission here is to unleash them with some dignity and humor and to encourage you to do the same.

Time to work on The Inner Giggler Radio Show which airs Sundays @7p pst/ 10p est.  The call in number to listen or talk is 661- 449-1449.  The computer link for listening is



Saturday’s shooting event in Tucson was horrifying for the country and the world.

It was particularly catastrophic for Mavy Stoddard whose husband was killed by the shooter.

When the shots began unloading and spraying, DORWIN STODDARD jumped in front of his wife and threw her down on the ground .  He simultaneously took that bullet aimed toward her, falling on her body, dead within ten minutes.  She didn’t even realize that three shots were fired into her leg because her husband’s falling on her was too disarming. 

When people ask: “Who would you take a bullet for?”  Think carefully – you may not have time to make a decision.  DORWIN STODDARD didn’t take time to think about it – he just acted.

DORWIN STODDARD IS MY HERO!  People talk; he acted.

I’ve read that the Stoddards were childhood sweethearts re-united in their 60’s after their respective  spouses were gone. 

My husband will be home from work in about an hour.  I have a question for him.  To be continued!

I was looking forward to putting up my next InnerGiggler™ Blog – the focus:  making fun of the deities of the medical profession.  Being silly and hopefully funny is the way I rock – but somehow, since Saturday’s senseless shooting nightmare, my one-liners are too thin, empty, falling flat on my heart – in my chest – in my gut.

Right now there’s a pervasive emptiness clouding the joy most of us look forward to as often as possible.  It’s not the first catastrophe to hit us in the nuts – and it won’t be the last.  Unfortunately, that’s part of the history of the world.  But it never gets easier. 

How can we fix this?  There’s this reality that when we close up one hole another one opens.   Deducting millions from local health care and its facilities leaves an enormous hole in the mental health system.  Of course BULLETS and GUNS being sanctioned to fight wars can’t possibly send a good message to our youngsters.  Even the stable ones.

I dream of the day when killing anyone, anywhere  – is a shocking act.  I only hope this behavior is absent in my next life – cause I don’t see it happening on earth, any time soon.

I’m just saying…

The O’Jays sang it to us:  “Some people gotta have it…Hey, hey, hey…Some people really need it…Don’t sell ya soul for the money- no, no, no…”

For day to day transactions we think of cash as King – the primary source for having food – home – air to breathe freely. 

What if  we think of money as Queen?  Money is Goddess-like – pure Energy that shifts from one place to another.  I’ve heard that over and over again from people a lot wiser than me.  Wayne Dyer says that.  I like much of what he says.

Just two days ago a friend said to me:  “Every penny counts.”  As those words came at me, I felt my gut splitting in two.  That’s a lot of counting – 100 pennies to a dollar…on and on.  If I accept that money is just transferable energy – if I accepted and lived that axiom – What if it’s true that money is just transferable energy – and I accept and wholeheartedly believe that axiom – (except on very very bad self-loathing days) I could afford to live somewhere other than this apartment.  Like in a lovely home with a yard filled with flowers and grass…

 OMG – What a concept!  The sum of my financial worth is just energy.  Instead of counting pennies and worrying – I could use that power to create more energy – or in my my universe – more laughter – more thought!

I’m in!  That endless Goddess force is surrounding us all!  Drink!

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